Photos :: Germany 2006

Description A walk along the Teufelsmauer.
September 30th, 2006.

The Tale of the Devil and the Cock

A long time ago, the devil and God agreed on a separation of property. The Harz should be the devil's domain. They made a bet that he could keep the Harz territory, if he succeed to build a wall around it, as strong and solid as the buildings of emperors in a single night. No sooner said than done, the stonework grew and grew in the dark.
In that, God made a peasant woman from the village of Timmenrode go to the market with a cock in her basket. On her way, He let her stumble on a pebble. The cock in the basket stretched his neck and started to crow. The devil thought the night was over and in his anger threw the capstone against his building, such that only smithereens remained.


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